Cellar Person

Long Beach Beer Lab

Long Beach, CA, USA


Cellar Person


Jun 30

Work weekends are required.

Cellarman Job Responsibilities/ Goals


·         Come in ready to work and communicate with team to understand daily goals.

·         Take gravity and Ph reads on beers daily to monitor fermentation.

·         CIP dirty tanks and ensuring they are “beer ready.”

o   Including purging and preparing to receive beers for secondary.

·         CIP transfer lines and purge to eliminate oxygen and ensure they are aseptic.

·         Transfer beers between tanks maintaining sanitary procedures and eliminating oxygen contact with beer.

·         Harvesting yeast for reuse as needed.

·         Dumping yeast that is not useable for future uses.

·         Dry hopping beers per recipe.

·         Dumping hops off crashed beers to prepare for carbonation.

·         Clarifying beers using biofine in the correct volumes.

·         Carbonating beers using proper methods making sure to not over carbonate or blow off all aromatics.

·         Checking carbonation levels using Zahm and Nagel.

·         Cleaning, organizing and maintaining cleanliness and quality of equipment and work space.

·         Run canning line and dialing in system to minimize loss of beer.

·         Make sure packaging line is running properly and packaged beers are in spec and palletized correctly.

·         Maintaining clear and effective communication across teams.

·         Milling grain when needed.

·         Assist brewers with assorted tasks when needed.

·         Clean taproom draft lines on a rotating schedule following protocols.

·         Participate in panel testing of product to ensure highest quality.


Other Responsibilities


·         Follow SOP’s.

·         Contribute to improvements and refinements to the current processes.

·         Complete special projects jointly with brew team.

·         Maintain a positive attitude.

·         Follow safety protocols to ensure safety of oneself and whole team.

·         Use of a pallet jack

·         Learn to properly and safely using a standup forklift.

·         Effectively and properly use PPE.


Physical Requirements

·         Stand for long periods of time up to 10 hrs.

·         Able to lift weight of up to 60lbs at chest height.

·         Work with hot and cold temperature liquids.

·         Work with hazardous chemicals.

·         Work in confined spaces.



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