Head Brewer

Purpose Brewing & Cellars

Fort Collins, CO, USA


$42-55k (annually)



Apr 21

This job is no longer accepting applications.

We are currently seeking a professional and experienced head brewer to take over brewing operations before the end of summer. Flexible start time, relocation package offered, training on the specifics of our system included. 

About the role: 

If you’re an experienced brewer looking for more autonomy and control, someone who is ready to move into a head brewing role and make a name for themselves, or a person who is interested in someday opening their own brewery and needs insight into how a brewery runs from a transparent financial level, we’re a great fit. With us you’ll create unique recipes all your own and experiment with any spices, fruit, and other adjuncts you’d like to create eminently drinkable beer. This role can be what you make it: pursuit of medals, hone a recipe, experiment with new ingredients—but it won’t be anything less than fulfilling. We strive to be compassionate and engaged with everyone in our community and we hope that’s you too. 


Oversee all brewing and cellar operations:

  • Recipe development and familiarity with post production adjuncts and blending.
  • Ability to plan out a unique weekly menu (6 taps) to serve in our taproom (we will explain this process over conversation)
  • Manage your own production schedule and brew logs.
  • Manage relationships with suppliers, ingredient providers, and ascertain value of different providers.
  • Detailed management of the brewing process from grain bag to keg.
  • Maintenance of glycol chiller, heat exchanger, and pumps.
  • CIP and/or sanitation of mash tun, kettle, fermentors, brites, kegs, bottles that are specific to a sour brewery’s need to maintain strict cleanliness. 
  • Proficiency in packaging (bottles/cans).
  • Maintain equipment, repair, or otherwise outsource accordingly. 
  • Create and manage SOPs specifically regarding safety, sanitation, and chemical use. 
  • Driver’s License and reliable transportation. 
  • Manage and maintain draft systems.
  • 35-55 hour work week depending on seasons and needs.
  • Collaborate with owners on various projects related to beer, festivals, and other front-facing events. 

Abilities, skills and prerequisites: 

  • Professional and friendly demeanor with coworkers, owners, and customers.
  • Problem solver, but if you can’t, the comfort to kick it up the chain of command.
  • Networking with other brewers, owners, and sometimes clients/customers as it arises and maintaining relationships with others in the industry.
  • Flexibility: rarely, but potentially, you may be asked to work front of house. 
  • Love of sour beer and creativity in brewing.
  • Discerning palate including knowledge of off flavor weaknesses and strengths. Willingness to participate in off-flavor tastings with friends and other brewers.
  • Holistic mentality to all aspects of the brewery, including finances, front of house procedures, and general ownership duties.
  • Strong network of brewery connections to draw knowledge and inspiration from. 
  • Ability to tap into the essential joy of brewing and making beer. 


  • Five years brewing experience including at least two years mixed fermentation barrel cellaring experience. Emphasis on the latter. 
  • Must have the ability to regularly stand, walk, use hands, reach, climb, work from heights, stoop, kneel, and crouch.
  • Proficient in using Google Calendars and Email to maintain communication and adherence to schedule.
  • Able to work alone for extended periods.
  • Able to work with owners for extended periods. 
  • Lift 65lbs and move 175lbs comfortably.
  • Close, distance, peripheral vision. Depth perception, the ability to adjust focus, the ability to see color either with or without accommodation.

We encourage diverse and BIPOC candidates to apply as well as those who feel that they may not have all our requirements on our list. Ultimately a good fit is not always in the details of the resume. Please apply if you feel you cover half of our requirements. 


  • Salary commensurate with experience $45k to $55k, but flexible for the right candidate. 
  • Health Insurance stipend or potential health insurance depending on staffing. 
  • 15 Paid days off, +1 additional day added per year
  • Flexible scheduling
  • Education and further learning opportunities as paid for by Purpose

Brewery profile:

  • 500L (approx 4BBL) direct fire brewhouse
  • Four 10 BBL fermentors, a 10 BBL brite, and a 3 BBL brite with room for another fermentor/brite addition. 
  • Recently upgraded glycol pipes/chiller
  • 11 BBL HLT. 
  • Ample cold storage for current needs with a garage door in back for venting and receipt of shipments. 
  • Sloped floors.
  • 80+ Oak barrels from around the world used in our barrel-aging program.
  • Currently we do minimal distribution outside the tap room, but looking to expand self-distribution of canning, bottling, and other accounts.

Interview Process: 

  • Preliminary call: Fifteen minute call to ask questions of us and for us to talk about what the role is, to ensure both parties are expecting the same out of the position, with Ashley.
  • First Stage: One hour Zoom interview with James and Ashley, regardless of location.
  • Second Stage: Two hour Zoom interview with Frezi, Peter, James, Ashley, regardless of location.
  • Third Stage: Visit Purpose in Fort Collins, travel and accommodations provided. 

Please email us with a cover letter and resume.

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