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Nov 16

The prequel to packaging operator this is where your adventure begins. As an associate you will train with our team to build your knowledge and skills regarding packaging beer and the specific machines, we use to do it. This position does not exclusively require beer industry knowledge. If you’ve got a good attitude, a little mechanical aptitude, and drive we can work with that. If you have some experience at other breweries, great! This is where we will build on that experience to make you one of us, one of us, one of us…
-This position will be located in Minneapolis, but may require travel to our St Paul and Brooklyn Center locations as Schedule Dictates
-This is a second shift position, hours are 2pm-10pm
-Starting wage is $18.00/hr
  • Palletize finished cases of beer cans and bottles using manual labor as needed.
  • Assist in the operation of the fillers including replenishing consumable goods.
  • Load empty kegs into the automated washer. Palletizes full kegs at ground level.
  • Operates downline and upline equipment including cartoners, tray packers, and depalletizers.
  • Performs cleaning and sanitation functions as prescribed by SOP under direction of your lead.
  • Following forklift certification, uses powered lifts to move finished goods and raw materials.
  • Assist trained operators in the size changes to the filler and format changes to downline.
  • Monitor all printed coding to watch for errors. Report defects to operators and/or lead.
  • Keep an eye on finished goods for obvious defects. Report defects to operator and/or lead.
  • Keep an eye on the line for jam ups and break downs. Communicate problems you cannot fix.
  • Work in cooperation with operators and other packaging associates to accomplish shift goals.
  • Learn troubleshooting of common malfunctions to assigned packaging equipment.
  • Work with leads, supervisors, and maintenance to build there skill set.
  • Pursue teachable moments with skilled team members.
  • High School Diploma or GED
  • Learn to operate all downline and upline equipment.
  • Learn to assist in the running of fillers.
  • Complete forklift training. Utilizes powered equipment safely and responsibly.
  • Demonstrate troubleshooting skill on all machines they operate while remaining professional.
  • Demonstrate willingness to improve their skills and abilities pertaining to work.
  • Reliably completes all assigned production and sanitation tasks. Follows SOPS.
  • Attention to detail regarding quality of the finished products and sanitation.
  • Conduct themselves professionally while in the service of the company.
  • Able to change practices as procedures are updated and improved.
  • Flexibility in schedule to work when the production schedule requires labor.
  • Occupational training in beer packaging theory.
  • Occupational training in beer quality control.
  • Occupational training in related fields such as automation.
  • Works with packaging lead to keep the run on track. This may include minor correction of fellow packaging associates through positive reinforcement of standard operating procedures.
  • Assists in keeping stock of consumable materials used in their daily functions and work to correct deficiencies through upward communication.
  • Typically assigned to a set 8-hour shift. Sometimes this will be a specialized shift to accomplish daily functions to prepare for a run or wrap up sanitation of the machines or work areas.
  • Flexibility will be required as production demands dictate how many machines need to run.
  • You will be exposed to mechanical oils, grease, cleaning solvents, water, and beer. PPE should be worn as recommended and/or required by company policy.
  • Position will be located in Minneapolis, but may travel to Prior (St Paul) or Brooklyn Center as schedule dictates
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