Brewer/Cellar Operator

Firestone Walker Brewing Company

Paso Robles, CA, USA


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Oct 14

Firestone Walker Brewing Company began as a small brewery with roots in the wine country on California’s Central Coast. Now a regional craft brewery, our singular purpose remains – to craft the world’s best beers. Passionately in pursuit of the perfect beer… and never satisfied.

Job Summary:

The Brewer/Cellar Operator is responsible for cleaning tanks, transferring beer, quality management, yeast management, and equipment maintenance.  The cellar operator is also required to maintain a neat, clean, and sanitary environment throughout the brewery.

Essential Job Duties and Responsibilities:

Specifically, the responsibilities of the position include, but are not limited to, the following activities:

Operate automated Brewhouse from grain handling to wort cooling
Set up, maintain and operate centrifugation equipment
Monitor fermentations-check gravities, identify irregularities, record data, dry hopping, cap and chill tanks
Manage yeast through yeast harvesting, checking viability, yeast dumps and burps
Complete beer transfers: check product for readiness, set up, transfer and cleanup according to SOP. Ensure clean transfers at low D.O. levels in a timely manner
Run Filtration: Setup and pre-coat, follow SOP to meet quality specifications; ensure proper operation, CIP and sanitization
Complete all necessary paperwork accurately and on time
Complete tank cleaning and tank sanitization
Use proper safety equipment and personal protection equipment
Uphold the quality standards of Firestone Walker inside and outside the Brewery
Communicate low level inventory of all items used
Ensure that safety procedures are adhered to throughout the building
Communicate regularly and efficiently with Cellar Master, Head Brewer, Production Manager, and Packaging Manager
Ensure you are punctual, regular in attendance, have a positive attitude and good hygiene and act as a good example for the rest of the staff in these areas
Maintain a harmonious work relationship between yourself and your coworkers
Communicate a positive attitude, sincere interest, and interact in a positive way with management and staff
Other duties as needed

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