Lead Beertender

Roaring Table Brewing

Lake Zurich, IL, USA


$18+ (hourly)

Beertenders / Servers


Sep 5

Roaring Table Brewing is hiring a full-time lead beertender. This is an hourly plus tips position that pays a base rate of $18/hour, depending on experience. With tips, working 40-ish hours per week for 50 weeks per year, you can expect to earn between $60,000 and $66,000 annually, or more.

Roaring Table is a small, family-owned brewery in Lake Zurich, Illinois. We opened in 2017 and have fostered a lively community of craft beer fans who frequent our taproom on the regular. We make high-quality beer that has been recognized by USA Today, the World Beer Cup, and Craft Beer & Brewing’s Best of 2021 list, amongst others.

We're looking for a responsible, experienced bartender who will help us make every customer visit a delightful one. Our place is comfortable, inviting, and chill - and as the face of the brewery behind the bar, you'll help bring these vibes to life during every shift you work.

Minimum Job Requirements

  • 3 years experience behind a brewery/taproom bar.
  • BASSET Certification.
  • Food Safety Certification.
  • A passion for and knowledge of craft beer.
  • A strong work ethic.
  • A dedication to integrity, honesty, and customer service.
  • A can-do, problem-solving mindset.
  • The ability to work nights and weekends.
  • The ability to schedule weekly shifts for bartending staff and yourself, order supplies, hire vendors and artists, maintain a clean and tidy taproom, help with events, and adhere to all regulations regarding the safe and legal service of alcoholic beverages and food.
  • The ability to stand, walk, hustle, and glow for long shifts between 6 and 10 hours.
  • A friendly disposition.
  • An inclination to clean, organize, plan, and execute - even when nobody’s watching.
  • The ability to roll with the punches and take ownership of problems as they arise.

We seek leader a who is well versed in the many responsibilities that come with serving the public. That means:

  • Everything that happens in the taproom is your domain. We'll rely on you to help us hire, train, schedule, and inspire our bartending staff. We are a counter-service only operation, so no wait staff will be involved, just bartenders.
  • The single most important qualification is a knack for gracefully serving the public. We want to foster a community of craft beer enthusiasts in the northwest suburbs who come back to Roaring Table again and again - and we know the key to this is exceptional customer service.
  • Ultimately, the devil's in the details, and no list of responsibilities can be complete when it comes to a job like this. We'll need you to tend bar and change kegs and clean everything and count receipts and order swag and schedule deliveries and clean restrooms and help coworkers and open and close and do half a million other things that makes a well-oiled taproom purr. We can can talk it over and figure it out as we go along - as long as you're game to do what it takes to make the experience we offer guests above and beyond.

Benefits after 90 days of employment include:

  • two weeks paid vacation
  • a healthcare stipend
  • discounts on swag
  • free shifties

If you're interested, send us a resume and cover letter telling us why we need to hire you. Cheers!

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