Brewing Careers in the Mile High City: Exploring the Finest Brewery Jobs Denver Has to Offer

Welcome to the world of brewing careers in Denver, a city renowned for its thriving beer culture and booming brewery scene. Denver, known as the Mile High City, has been a hub for beer enthusiasts and brewing professionals for decades. With over 150 breweries in the metro area and a solid history of beer production, there's no better place to explore a career in the brewing industry.

The city's love for beer is not just limited to its residents; Denver attracts beer lovers from around the globe with its annual Great American Beer Festival, the largest beer event in the United States. This celebration of craft beer showcases thousands of different brews and serves as a testament to the city's passion for the art of brewing. With such a strong foundation in the beer industry, it's no wonder that Denver is an ideal location to pursue a career in brewing.

As the craft beer movement continues to grow in popularity, so too does the demand for skilled professionals in the brewing industry. The Mile High City is home to a diverse array of job opportunities in the brewing world, from entry-level positions to expert roles requiring years of experience. No matter your background or skill set, there's a place for you in Denver's thriving brewing community.

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The growth of craft beer in the Mile High City

The craft beer industry in Denver has experienced remarkable growth in the past few decades. This rapid expansion can be attributed to several factors, including the city's rich brewing history, the influence of local brewers, and the evolving tastes of beer drinkers in the region. As the craft beer movement continues to gain momentum, the demand for skilled workers in the industry has only increased.

This growth has led to an influx of new breweries, each with its unique style and approach to beer. This diversity has fueled a sense of camaraderie among brewers and beer enthusiasts alike, fostering a strong sense of community in the Mile High City's brewing scene. As a result, the industry has become increasingly competitive, with breweries constantly striving to create innovative and delicious brews that stand out among the rest.

The expansion of the craft beer industry in Denver has also had a significant impact on the local economy. With new breweries opening their doors and established ones expanding operations, job opportunities in the brewing field have continued to multiply. This economic boom has made Denver a top destination for aspiring brewers looking to break into the industry and build a rewarding career.

Types of brewery jobs in Denver

Whether you're a seasoned brewing professional or just starting in the industry, there's a diverse range of brewery jobs available in Denver. From entry-level positions to roles that require years of experience, the Mile High City's brewing scene has something for everyone. Here are a few examples of the types of brewery jobs you can find in Denver:

  1. Brewer: As the backbone of the brewing process, brewers are responsible for creating the beer itself. This role requires a strong understanding of the brewing process and the ability to manage the various stages of production, from milling and mashing to fermenting and packaging.
  2. Assistant Brewer: Working under the guidance of a head brewer, an assistant brewer helps with various tasks throughout the brewing process. This entry-level position is ideal for those looking to gain hands-on experience in the industry.
  3. Cellar Operator: The role of a cellar operator includes managing the fermentation process, monitoring beer quality, and performing various cellar-related tasks. This position is essential in ensuring the final product meets the brewery's standards.
  4. Packaging Operator: A packaging operator is responsible for the final stage of the brewing process, ensuring that the beer is packaged correctly and efficiently. This role requires a keen eye for detail and the ability to work well under pressure.
  5. Brewery Sales Representative: Brewery sales reps work to promote their brewery's products to bars, restaurants, and retailers. This position requires strong communication skills and a passion for the company's beer.
  6. Taproom Manager: A taproom manager oversees the day-to-day operations of a brewery's taproom, ensuring that customers have an enjoyable experience. This role involves managing staff, inventory, and events, while also maintaining a welcoming atmosphere.

Top breweries in Denver to kickstart your brewing career

With over 150 breweries in the Denver metro area, there are plenty of opportunities to begin or advance your brewing career. Some top breweries to consider for your job search include:

  1. Great Divide Brewing Company: Established in 1994, Great Divide is a Denver staple known for its award-winning beers such as the Yeti Imperial Stout and the Titan IPA. The brewery has two locations in the city and offers a range of job opportunities.
  2. New Belgium Brewing Company: Although headquartered in Fort Collins, New Belgium has a significant presence in Denver with its stunning taproom and brewery located in the River North (RiNo) Art District. As the fourth-largest craft brewery in the United States, New Belgium is a great place to gain experience in the industry.
  3. Denver Beer Co.: With a focus on artisanal, small-batch beers, Denver Beer Co. offers a range of brewing jobs at its two locations in the city. The brewery is known for its fun atmosphere and commitment to sustainability.
  4. Epic Brewing Company: Originally founded in Salt Lake City, Epic Brewing expanded to Denver in 2013, bringing its unique and innovative brews to the Mile High City. With a focus on experimentation, Epic is an excellent place for those looking to push the boundaries of traditional brewing techniques.
  5. Odell Brewing Company: Another Fort Collins-based brewery with a presence in Denver, Odell Brewing offers a range of brewing jobs at its Denver taproom and brewery. Known for its quality beers and commitment to innovation, Odell is an excellent choice for those looking to grow their brewing career.

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Skills and qualifications required for brewing jobs

The skills and qualifications required for brewing jobs in Denver vary depending on the position you're interested in. However, there are some common skills that can help you stand out in the competitive job market:

  1. Strong work ethic: Brewing is a physically demanding job that often requires long hours. Having a strong work ethic and the ability to work well under pressure is essential.
  2. Attention to detail: The brewing process involves many intricate steps, and even the smallest mistake can have a significant impact on the final product. Being detail-oriented is a must for anyone working in the brewing industry.
  3. Problem-solving skills: Brewery jobs often involve troubleshooting and problem-solving, whether it's fixing a broken piece of equipment or adjusting a recipe to improve the flavor of a beer.
  4. Communication skills: Brewing is a team-oriented industry, and strong communication skills are vital for working effectively with your colleagues.
  5. Passion for beer: Having a genuine passion for beer and the brewing process is essential for success in the industry. This enthusiasm will help you stay motivated and dedicated to your craft.

Some positions, such as head brewer or brewery sales representative, may require additional qualifications, such as a degree in brewing science or a background in sales. However, many entry-level positions do not require formal education, and experience can be gained through internships or on-the-job training.

How to find brewing jobs near me in Denver

Finding brewing jobs in Denver involves a combination of online research, networking, and persistence. Here are some tips for locating and applying to brewery jobs in the Mile High City:

  1. Research the local brewery scene: Familiarize yourself with the breweries in Denver and their unique offerings. This knowledge will help you identify which breweries align with your interests and career goals.
  2. Visit brewery websites: Many breweries post job openings on their websites, so make sure to check frequently for updates.
  3. Utilize online job boards: Websites like Beerwork, Indeed, Glassdoor, and the Brewers Association's job board are excellent resources for finding brewery job postings.
  4. Attend industry events: Networking events, beer festivals, and brewery tours can be great opportunities to meet professionals in the industry and learn about job openings.
  5. Leverage your network: If you know someone working in the brewing industry, ask them for advice and tips on job openings. They may have insider knowledge that can help you land an interview.

Networking and professional associations for brewery professionals

In the brewing industry, networking is crucial for discovering job opportunities and staying connected to the latest trends and developments. Here are some ways to network and join professional associations in the Denver brewing community:

  1. Attend beer festivals: Events like the Great American Beer Festival, Denver Beer Fest, and Collaboration Fest are prime networking opportunities for aspiring brewers. These events allow you to meet industry professionals, sample local brews, and learn about the latest trends in the beer world.
  2. Join a homebrew club: Many brewers get their start as homebrewers, and joining a local homebrew club can be an excellent way to meet like-minded individuals and gain valuable brewing experience.
  3. Participate in brewery tours and tastings: Many Denver breweries offer tours and tastings, which can be a great opportunity to network with brewery staff and learn about their brewing process.
  4. Join the Brewers Association: The Brewers Association is a national organization that represents and supports the craft brewing industry. Becoming a member can provide access to valuable resources, networking opportunities, and job postings.
  5. Connect on social media: Follow local breweries and industry professionals on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn to stay informed on job openings and industry news.

Tips for landing your dream brewery job in Denver

With a competitive job market in the brewing industry, it's essential to make yourself stand out from the crowd. Here are some tips for landing your dream brewery job in the Mile High City:

  1. Tailor your resume and cover letter: Customize your resume and cover letter for each brewery job you apply for, highlighting your relevant skills and experiences.
  2. Gain hands-on experience: If you're new to the industry, consider volunteering at a local brewery or taking classes in brewing science to gain hands-on experience and demonstrate your commitment to the craft.
  3. Network, network, network: Attend industry events, join professional associations, and connect with local brewers to expand your network and learn about job opportunities.
  4. Be passionate and enthusiastic: Brewery jobs require a genuine love for beer and the brewing process. Make sure to convey your passion and enthusiasm in your application materials and interviews.
  5. Be prepared for a physical job: Brewing is a physically demanding job that requires long hours on your feet. Make sure you're prepared for the physical demands of the job.
  6. Take initiative: Show that you're a self-starter by coming up with ideas and solutions that can help the brewery improve its operations or create new products.
  7. Be adaptable: The brewing industry is constantly evolving, and breweries are always looking for employees who can adapt to changing circumstances and help the company stay ahead of the curve.

Conclusion: Launching your brewing career in the Mile High City

Denver's thriving brewing industry offers a wealth of opportunities for anyone interested in pursuing a career in the field. With over 150 breweries in the metro area, a rich brewing history, and a passionate community of beer enthusiasts, there's no better place to explore a career in brewing.

Whether you're just starting out in the industry or looking to advance your career, Denver's diverse range of brewery jobs offers something for everyone. By networking, gaining experience, and demonstrating your passion for the craft, you can land your dream brewery job in the Mile High City and build a rewarding career doing something you love.