Brewery Job Listings With Emphasis on Well-Being, Flexibility, and Culture Receive More Interest

A company's culture can often become too focused on working hard. The question is: if you don't devote extra time, neglect your personal life, and exhaust yourself, are you really doing enough? However, the risks of upholding such a culture are evident: it promotes overworking as a form of validation, leads to exhaustion, and creates substandard outcomes.

According to Jen Fisher, Deloitte's chief well-being officer, who was quoted in LinkedIn's 2022 Global Talent Trends report on the transition of corporate culture, it is not beneficial for either the individual or the organization to value those who work late into the night. As Fisher stated, "We shouldn't celebrate the people who stay up all night and burn the midnight oil; it doesn't really produce great results."

Data from LinkedIn indicates that job applicants are drawn to employers who emphasize good health, flexibility, and the atmosphere of the organization.

Brewery Job postings that mention aspects such as well-being, flexibility, and company culture are becoming more popular and garnering more attention from applicants

It is evident that there has been a general surge in both applications and views for job postings, which is in line with broader economic patterns. To ensure that this growth is not just a part of a larger trend, we investigated the development of these specific job posts and compared it to the overall growth.

In the last two years, job postings that highlighted well-being, flexibility, and company culture saw a 46% increase in views and a 49% hike in applications, as opposed to those that did not include such keywords.

LinkedIn's statistics illustrate that for the past two years, job postings that highlight well-being, flexibility, and culture have experienced a 46% increase in views and a 49% increase in applications compared to job posts that do not include these features.

Do not promote health, pliancy, and atmosphere unless your brewery actually meets those expectations

Advertising your business's dedication to health and wellbeing, suppleness, or atmosphere in your job postings could be powerful; this is according to data from LinkedIn that indicates job-seekers are really drawn to such employee-focused aspects.

It is important to not simply put down buzzwords like "well-being" and "flexibility" in job postings without ensuring that your company culture will actually deliver on these promises. Furthermore, other important information like the daily duties and salary range should not be overshadowed by the company culture in the job post such as what is found in the Job Description Heatmap by LinkedIn.

Talent professionals can take advantage of this data to create appealing job postings that represent their employer brand and draw in more suitable candidates. There is also the possibility of adding Commitments, such as "work-life balance" or "social impact" to a LinkedIn Company Page.

Demonstrating the emphasis your organization places on health and well-being, in addition to providing flexibility and a positive culture, can help you attract the best talent and set yourself apart from other businesses.