Beyond the Taproom: Discover Unique Brewery Jobs You Didn't Know Existed

Are you ready to tap into a career in the beer industry?

From quality control to brewery management, there are plenty of unique job opportunities in the world of beer.

When it comes to brewery jobs you didn't know existed, the craft beer industry offers a plethora of unique and exciting opportunities.

As the beer business grows and evolves, so do the roles within this fun yet hardworking sector. 

We'll delve into various aspects of making beer, from brewing to quality assurance, sales, marketing efforts, retail experiences at taprooms or stores, and administrative tasks that keep these businesses running smoothly. 

By examining these often-overlooked brewery jobs you didn't know existed, we hope to inspire those seeking employment in the beer industry while providing valuable insights for employers seeking talented individuals with diverse skill sets.

Unique Brewery Jobs

The booming beer industry has created unique brewery jobs, ranging from wood cellar managers and executive chefs to beer journalists and tour guides.

These positions offer exciting opportunities for individuals passionate about craft beer, allowing them to contribute their skills in a fun industry.

New Belgium Brewing

Wood Cellar Manager: Blending beers like New Belgium's Le Terroir blend

A Wood Cellar Manager oversees the aging process of beers in wooden barrels, ensuring that each batch develops its unique flavor profile.

This role requires understanding of brewing techniques and barrel-aging processes and strong organizational skills to manage inventory effectively within the craft beer cellar. 

Working at renowned craft breweries such as New Belgium Brewing Company, Wood Cellar Managers have the opportunity to create complex blends like their famous Le Terroir sour ale.

Executive Chef for Brewers Association

An Executive Chef working within the Brewers Association (BA), a trade organization representing thousands of small and independent American craft brewers, is vital in promoting food pairings with different types of beer.

They develop recipes using BA member brews while collaborating with other chefs on special events or educational programs related to cooking with beer.

The position requires culinary expertise combined with extensive knowledge of diverse styles within the rapidly growing world of craft breweries.

Brewery jobs are diverse and often require specialized skills.

For those looking to explore the world of beer through writing, Beer Journalism and Writing Careers may be a great fit.

Beer Journalism and Writing Careers

As the craft beer scene grows, so does the demand for informative content on breweries and brewing techniques.

Beer journalism offers an avenue into this thriving sector through authoring books or articles, contributing as editors for publications, or even becoming podcast producers within the industry.

Authoring Books on Craft Beer Culture and History

If you have an affinity for writing, why not combine your two passions by creating a book?

Many successful authors have written about various aspects of craft beer culture and history.

From homebrewing guides to stories behind iconic breweries, there's no shortage of topics that can inspire readers while sharing your expertise in the field.

Contributing Editor Roles in Magazines or Online Platforms

Beyond traditional print media like magazines, online platforms always seek knowledgeable contributors who can provide engaging content.

As a contributing editor at one of these outlets - such as DRAFT Magazine, All About Beer Magazine, or even niche blogs - you'll be responsible for producing articles that inform readers about new releases from their favorite breweries.

You will highlight trends shaping today's brewing industry landscape and interviews with influential brewers association members while honing your writing skills.

In addition to the above roles, there are also opportunities for aspiring podcast producers who want to create audio content.

Podcasts such as Good Beer Hunting, The Brewing Network's The Session, or even local brewery-specific podcasts can provide valuable insights into beer-making while offering a platform for passionate individuals within this fun industry.

To thrive in these roles, possessing strong writing capabilities and a thorough grasp of the industry is critical.

This includes being knowledgeable about different styles of beers and brewing techniques used by large breweries and small-scale operations alike, as well as staying up-to-date with news from key players like the Brewers Association.

Are you looking to combine your love of beer and writing?

There are many opportunities for journalism and writing careers in the industry.

For entrepreneurs who want to pursue their passion, opening your own brewpub or taproom establishment is one option among many available.

Entrepreneurship Opportunities in Craft Brewing

The craft beer industry has experienced tremendous growth over the past decade, providing ample opportunities for those looking to create their path within the beer business.

From opening a brewpub or taproom establishment while pursuing higher education to starting a homebrew supply store catering specifically to local enthusiasts - there are countless ways one can turn their passion into profit. 

This section will explore some of these exciting entrepreneurship ventures and how to prepare for success.

Opening Your Own Brewpub or Taproom Establishment

If you've always dreamed of owning your bar and sharing your love for craft beer with others, then opening a brewpub or taproom might be the perfect venture for you.

These establishments typically focus on offering an extensive selection of beers from various craft breweries and serving delicious food that pairs well with different beer styles. To get started:

  • Research zoning laws and licensing requirements in your area.
  • Create a detailed business plan outlining costs, projected revenue, and marketing strategies.
  • Secure funding through loans, investors, or crowdfunding campaigns.
  • Select an ideal location based on foot traffic and nearby attractions.
  • Hire knowledgeable staff who share your enthusiasm for craft beer culture.

Windsor Homebrew Supply

Starting A Homebrew Supply Shop

With the ever-increasing interest in homebrewing as both a hobby and career, amateur brewers have been clamoring for top-notch ingredients & equipment to use when making beer at home.

As such, demand has grown exponentially among amateur brewers seeking high-quality ingredients & equipment needed when making beer at home, leading many entrepreneurs like yourself to open their homebrew supply shops. To ensure success in this niche market:

  • Research your local homebrewing community and identify potential customers.
  • Source quality ingredients, equipment, and educational materials from reputable suppliers.
  • Create a user-friendly website with online ordering capabilities for added convenience.
  • Offer workshops or classes on brewing techniques to further engage with your customer base.

In addition to these ventures, countless other opportunities within the industry allow you to flex your entrepreneurial muscles. The possibilities are endless, from organizing beer festivals and events to launching a line of branded merchandise for popular breweries.

Here are the essential points to remember to prepare yourself for entrepreneurship in the craft beer world.

  • Research specific business requirements (licenses/permits), 
  • Attend networking events where potential partners might be present (conferences/trade shows) 
  • Invest time learning about various aspects related directly to making beer itself. Develop strong marketing strategies explicitly tailored towards increasing brand awareness amongst target audiences both domestically/internationally.

With hard work, dedication, passion, and knowledge, anyone can turn their love affair into a profitable career opportunity today.

Entrepreneurial ventures in beer brewing can offer a stimulating way to earn an income and construct one's venture. Moving on from there, production roles beyond brewing can provide job seekers with unique career paths that may have otherwise gone unnoticed.

Production Roles Beyond Brewing

The beer industry is about more than just brewing the perfect pint.

Many other crucial roles are involved in supporting production processes, ensuring that quality craft beers reach consumers' hands.

Especially with the online search volume for “craft beer near me” at double-digit thousands per month. 

In this section, we will explore some of these important positions within large breweries and smaller craft breweries alike.

Bottling Line Worker: Ensuring Product Quality Control

A bottling line worker is vital in maintaining product quality control throughout the packaging.

They operate machinery to fill bottles or cans with beer, attach labels, and seal containers before they are shipped out for distribution. 

This hard work requires attention to detail and an understanding the brewing industry's strict sanitation standards.

It is essential to be familiar with automated machinery and identify and address any issues that may arise to succeed as a bottling line worker. 

Additionally, knowing different beer packaging materials can help ensure that each brew is correctly sealed for optimal freshness upon reaching its destination.

Running Regular Tours Showcasing Brewery Operations

By offering brewery tours, visitors can gain insight into the production process of their favorite beverages while also experiencing a unique view of brewery operations.

As a brewery tour guide, you'll need excellent communication skills and enthusiasm for sharing your passion for making beer with others.

By leading engaging and informative tours, you'll help educate visitors about the brewing process, the ingredients used in making beer, and the history of your brewery. 

This position requires a strong knowledge of brewing techniques and industry terminology to effectively answer questions from curious guests.

In addition to these roles, there are many other opportunities within the production side of breweries that cater to various skill sets.

Whether you're interested in working directly with raw materials or ensuring that each batch meets quality standards before distribution - there's a place for everyone who loves craft beer.

Production roles beyond brewing are a great way to expand your knowledge and experience in the beer industry.

Sales & Marketing positions within breweries offer an even greater range of opportunities for career growth.

Sales & Marketing Positions Within Breweries

As the craft beer industry continues to flourish, there is an increasing demand for skilled professionals in sales and marketing roles.

These positions are essential for breweries looking to expand their domestic and international reach.

By leveraging strategic partnerships or promotional campaigns tailored specifically towards increasing brand awareness amongst target audiences, sales, and marketing experts can play a crucial role in the growth of their favorite brewers association.

Curating Beer Selections for Influential Gastropubs

A unique opportunity within the beer business lies in curating beer selections for influential gastropubs. 

This position requires individuals with a deep understanding of craft beers, brewing techniques, and flavor profiles catering to diverse clientele preferences.

The ability to forge strong relationships with local craft breweries and stay updated on emerging trends within the industry will be invaluable assets.

  • Analyze customer preferences and market trends.
  • Maintain close relationships with local brewers.
  • Create innovative pairing menus highlighting seasonal offerings from nearby breweries.

Leading Sales/Marketing Efforts for Large Breweries

In larger brewery operations, dedicated sales/marketing leadership positions are often needed for driving growth initiatives across multiple channels - including retail distribution networks or international export markets.

With such responsibilities come opportunities to shape branding strategies. 

You can oversee promotional efforts to attract new customers through engaging content creation (e.g., social media campaigns) or event sponsorship activations targeting key demographics interested in exploring new flavors offered by today's most popular brewmasters.

  • Develop and execute strategic marketing plans.
  • Analyze sales data to identify growth opportunities within the brewing industry.
  • Collaborate with cross-functional teams, including production and finance departments, to ensure successful product launches.

In addition to these specialized roles, numerous entry-level positions are available for those seeking beer industry experience.

For example, working as a brand ambassador or brewery representative at local events can provide valuable exposure while helping you build relationships with key players in the field.

By networking at relevant conferences or trade shows, aspiring professionals can increase their chances of securing rewarding careers in this fun and dynamic sector by staying informed about new developments within the craft beer scene. 

Sales & Marketing Positions Within Breweries can be a rewarding and exciting career path for those looking to break into the beer industry. You can be in a fantastic position within this ever-growing field with proper preparation, networking, and research.

Due diligence and forethought are essential for those seeking to establish themselves in the craft beer industry.

Preparing Yourself For A Career In The Beer Industry

The following items are important to prepare yourself for a career in the beer industry. 

  • Research specific job requirements (education or experience), 
  • Attend networking events where potential employers might be present. (conferences or trade shows)
  • At industry events, interview the head brewer to gain insights.
  • Apply online through platforms explicitly dedicated to listing open positions within this sector.

Additionally, investing time learning about brewing processes/techniques will prove invaluable when entering any position directly related to beer production.

Researching Job Requirements Such As Education And Experience

The first step towards finding your dream job in the craft beer industry is understanding what qualifications are necessary for each role. 

Some positions may require formal education, such as degrees in fermentation science or business management, while others may prioritize hands-on experience working at breweries.

Researching various roles on websites like the Brewers Association can help determine which skills and experiences are most valuable for your desired position. You can do a Google search for “brewery jobs near me” and look at the skills and requirements for each position.

Networking At Conferences And Trade Shows

Craft Brewers Conference: This annual event, organized by the Brewers Association, brings together professionals from all areas of the brewing industry. Attending this conference provides an excellent opportunity to network with potential employers and learn more about current trends in craft brewing.

  • GABF (Great American Beer Festival): This large-scale festival showcases thousands of beers from across America, offering ample opportunities for attendees interested in making connections within the beer business.
  • Your Local Craft Beer Scene: Besides national conferences and festivals, attending local brewery events can also provide valuable networking opportunities with professionals who share your passion for craft beer culture.

Applying Online Through Specialized Job Listing Platforms

Finding the perfect job in the beer industry is easier by utilizing specialized platforms that list open positions within this sector. offers a user-friendly interface for job seekers and employers, making it simple to search and apply for various roles at craft breweries or large breweries.

Investing Time In Learning About Brewing Processes And Techniques

Gaining proficiency in the brewing process and methods can benefit job seekers, making them more desirable applicants and providing helpful information on how different industry components work together.

Numerous online resources are available, such as instructional videos from experienced brewers or articles detailing best beer-making practices.

Additionally, consider enrolling in courses offered by institutions like the Siebel Institute of Technology, which provides comprehensive education programs tailored to those interested in pursuing careers within the brewing industry.

Discover Unique Brewery Jobs You Didn't Know Existed: Conclusion

Here are some of the many brewery positions you may have yet to learn about.

  • Brewing jobs
  • Quality Assurance
  • Sales and Marketing 
  • Retail and Taproom
  • Administrative and Logistics Roles

You should hone your skills and take courses related to brewing science.

With a bit of research into these various types of beer industry job opportunities and by following best practices for preparing to work in this field - you can find yourself on track toward achieving success in the ever-growing world of craft beer.

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