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Drizly Annual Report: With Inflation, Staying in is the new going out.

Fifth annual nationwide survey from Drizly uncovers consumers reaching for more red wine this summer, ready-to-drink cocktails becoming a year-round staple, and inflation prompting a return to at home bartending and gatherings

BOSTON, May 16, 2023 -- Drizly, an Uber Company (NYSE: UBER), today released its fifth annual Consumer Trend Report. As a leading beverage alcohol e-commerce platform, Drizly's report reveals what Americans are expected to drink this summer and beyond, forecasts key trends in how adult beverage consumers are shopping, gifting, and hosting in 2023, and highlights the impact of inflation when it comes to beer, wine, and spirits.

This year's report uncovered the following findings*:

  • Drink choices are shaking up this summer.¬†Will red be the new pink? In a surprise, adults surveyed reported they will sip on red wine (31%) as their go-to summer vino in 2023, ranking it above the typical lighter options like white wine (28%) and ros√© (17%). Survey takers also voiced a lower interest in ready-to-drink cocktails (22%) and hard seltzer (21%) this year as their summertime drink, instead reaching for the tried-and-true basics like light liquor (34%), white wine (28%), and light lager beer (23%). With ready-to-drink cocktails (RTDs) experiencing the largest decrease year-over-year as a warmer weather drink, this year's report points to a potential shift in consumer perception of RTDs as a year round staple ‚Äď no matter the season.
  • With inflation, staying in is the new going out.¬†Where consumers are drinking is changing amid inflation. Nearly one-in-four respondents said they will opt to drink at home more often in 2023 than at bars and restaurants, 26% plan to spend more on drinks for at home consumption this year versus on-premise, and one-in-five will be "self-bartending" more in 2023 compared to 2022. Notably, women may be feeling the burn of rising bar tabs more than men ‚ÄĒ nearly 60% of female respondents said that inflation has affected how often they go out to bars and restaurants compared to 50% of men.
  • Gifting occasions for drinks shift back to the major holidays, rather than cheersing to the smaller moments.Possibly signaling a refreshing return to gifting-normalcy in a post-pandemic world, Drizly's survey found that smaller occasions, like "just because" (22%), anniversaries (26%) and promotions/work achievements (11%), experienced year-over-year decreases as occasions for gifting drinks. Instead, the top gifting moments for 2023 included holidays (68%, up from 56% in 2022) and birthdays (64%). And overall, gifting drinks is expected to be increasingly popular this year ‚ÄĒ nearly three-quarters of respondents said their gifting of alcohol will stay the same or increase in 2023.
  • Americans are saying no alcohol, no problem.¬†The desire to try non-alcoholic (NA) beverages continues to climb with half of respondents having tried NA beer, wine or spirits. The NA category is sparking the most interest amongst Gen Z (23%) and millennials (24%) who have tried these drinks more frequently than other generations, as well as men (14%), who reported drinking NA beer, wine or spirits more often than women (9%). While NA beer may be the most preferred zero-proof drink of the moment according to those surveyed, looking forward, respondents are most curious to try NA ready-to-drink cocktails (17%) and NA wine (14%) in 2023.
  • Home is where the party is, for big or small gatherings.¬†This year's survey found a likely resurgence in home entertaining for 2023, perhaps as a result of inflation. 21% of respondents stated they plan to host friends and family at home more often in 2023 compared to 2022. Backyard barbeques (46%), casual get togethers (44%), holiday gatherings (41%), and birthday bashes (39%) topped the list of events they plan to host, with nearly half (47%) of respondents saying they supply the drinks for guests when hosting at home. Gen Z (34%) and millennials (31%) are especially eager to host in 2023, wanting to do more of it this year compared to Gen X (18%) and boomers (12%).
  • Shoppers trust the opinions of family and friends over influencers and celebs when it comes to beverage alcohol brands.¬†When looking to try new beer, wine or spirit brands, Drizly's survey revealed that shoppers are most influenced by recommendations from people they know, like friends and family (57%), or bartenders (25%), and significantly less swayed by social media ads (14%), influencers (8%), or celebrity endorsements (6%). And while Gen Z shops with their eyes first, with unique (55%) and sustainable packaging (34%) holding the most influence, millennials instead prefer to shop brands that are local, small, or family owned (40%).

"This year's report found adult beverage consumers adapting to a post-pandemic world, while experiencing the impacts of inflation. As consumers opt to drink out less, we are seeing a return to 'self-bartending,' the hosting of gatherings at home and an emphasis on gifting for the big holidays instead of the small moments," said¬†Liz Paquette, Drizly's Head of Consumer Insights. "And overall, this survey, along with purchase patterns on Drizly, found that consumer preferences are changing when it comes to beer, wine, and spirits ‚ÄĒ more Americans, especially Gen Z and millennials, are gravitating towards zero-proof options, ready-to-drink cocktails are expanding beyond summertime, and red wine is becoming increasingly popular for the warmer months."

*Drizly's Consumer Trend Report was derived from a nationwide survey of over 1,000 adults of legal drinking age during April 2023 and supplemented by insights generated by relevant sales data on Drizly.

About Survey Methodology

The fifth annual¬†Drizly Consumer Trend Report¬†is based on results from a Prodege Decipher¬ģ survey conducted among a sample of over 1,001 U.S. adults, aged 21 and older who have purchased alcohol in the past 90 days. Respondents had to reside in one of the following states in order to qualify for the survey:¬†Alabama;¬†Arkansas;¬†Arizona;¬†California;¬†Colorado;¬†Connecticut;¬†District of Columbia;¬†Florida;¬†Georgia;¬†Hawaii;¬†Idaho;¬†Illinois;¬†Indiana;¬†Iowa;¬†Kentucky;¬†Louisiana;¬†Maine;¬†Maryland;¬†Massachusetts;¬†Minnesota;¬†Missouri;¬†Mississippi;¬†Nebraska;¬†New Hampshire;¬†New Jersey;¬†New Mexico;¬†Nevada;¬†New York;¬†North Carolina;¬†Ohio;¬†Oklahoma;¬†Oregon;¬†Pennsylvania;¬†Rhode Island;¬†Tennessee;¬†Texas;¬†Vermont;¬†Virginia;¬†Washington; and¬†Wyoming.

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