Top 10 Canadian Breweries You Need to Visit

Canada's vast landscape and diverse culture have given rise to a thriving craft beer scene, with talented brewers pushing the boundaries of traditional beer styles. In this article, we'll explore the top 10 Canadian breweries that are worth visiting, showcasing their creativity, passion, and dedication to the art of brewing.

1. Microbrasserie Dieu du Ciel

Located in Saint-Jerome, Quebec, Microbrasserie Dieu du Ciel is renowned for its coffee imperial stout, Peche Mortel. With over 20 years of experience leading Quebec's craft beer revolution, this brewery has produced hundreds of beers with passion and meticulous attention to detail.

Unique Beer Selection

Dieu du Ciel's beer selection is inspired by Belgian and British brewing traditions, creating unique and expressive flavor profiles. They are known for their use of exotic fruits, atypical spices, and unorthodox blends of sour, spicy, bitter, or sweet flavors, making them a standout in the Canadian brewing scene.

Commitment to Innovation

This Quebec brewery continues to push the limits of craft beer while remaining true to its core values. With no signs of slowing down, Dieu du Ciel is a must-visit for any craft beer enthusiast.

Bellwoods Brewery

2. Bellwoods Brewery

Toronto's Bellwoods Brewery has played a significant role in promoting Canada's craft beer scene on the global stage. Collaborating with top breweries worldwide and pioneering modern styles, Bellwoods continues to be a trailblazer in Canadian brewing.

Striking Graphic Design

Bellwoods Brewery's unique and visually appealing graphic design reflects the exceptional quality of their contemporary ales and lagers. Their versatile lineup includes hoppy beers, stouts, and an impressive sour and barrel-aged program.

Attention to Detail

With a focus on flavor-packed beers and incredible attention to detail, Bellwoods Brewery is a must-visit destination for any craft beer lover.

3. Four Winds Brewing Co.

Four Winds Brewing Co., located in Delta, British Columbia, is known for its elegant and refined beers. Drawing from Belgian brewing traditions and local tastes, Four Winds' approach to brewing is both innovative and grounded in quality.

Mixed-Fermentation and Barrel-Aged Beers

One of the highlights of Four Winds Brewing's catalog is their mixed-fermentation, barrel-aged farmhouse ales, such as the rustic and funky Operis Saison. The brewery also offers session ales, crisp lagers, and innovative hoppy brews, all crafted with distinction and dedication.

Celebrating BC's Craft Beer Scene

British Columbia's craft beer scene has been ahead of most of the country since the '80s, and Four Winds Brewing Co. continues to uphold that legacy by creating unique and refined beers for all to enjoy.

Brasserie Auval

4. Brasserie Auval

Located on the Eastern edge of Canada in Val-d'Espoir, Quebec, Brasserie Auval produces IPAs, Saisons, and wild fermented ales that draw crowds from far and wide. Their focused production and thoughtful execution have earned them a spot among the best Canadian breweries.

Farmhouse-Inspired Beers

Auval's beers are farmhouse-inspired, with Belgian-style Saison, grisette, and mixed-fermentation ales offering dry, complex, and sometimes funky flavors. Their delicate lagers, like C-12 Pivo, are highly drinkable and refined.

Commitment to Quality

Auval only releases beer when it's ready, ensuring that each offering is well worth the wait for craft beer enthusiasts.

5. Trailway Brewing Co.

Trailway Brewing Co., located in Fredericton, New Brunswick, has been a game-changer in Canada's craft beer scene. Since its inception in 2014, the brewery has been producing soft, tropical, and juicy NEIPAs that have won over both seasoned and new craft beer drinkers.

Finest Hop Selection

Trailway's IPAs are made with the finest hops from Australia and America, resulting in intense, bright, fruity, and resinous flavors. The brewery's expertise in creating a soft mouthfeel, while maintaining drinkability and dryness, sets them apart from other Canadian breweries.

Pursuit of Excellence

In addition to their signature hoppy beers, Trailway Brewing Co. also offers a range of precise and balanced styles, including roasty stouts, crisp lagers, and a blossoming sour beer program.

Blind Enthusiasm Brewing

6. Blind Enthusiasm Brewing

Edmonton-based Blind Enthusiasm Brewing is known for its precision technique and dedication to historic brewing styles. With a focus on drinkability and top-notch quality, this brewery is a must-visit for lager lovers.

Passion for Lagers

Lagers are at the heart of Blind Enthusiasm's brewing ethos, offering a wide range of flavors and styles, from hoppy IPAs to clean and bright Helles. Their commitment to fermentation control ensures the highest quality in every beer they produce.

The Monolith

Blind Enthusiasm also operates a mixed-fermentation brewery called The Monolith, where they focus on wild beers without the risk of cross-contamination in their main lager production facility. Expect to taste distinct barrel-aged lagers, spontaneous fermentations, and funk-forward blends at The Monolith.

7. Godspeed Brewery

Godspeed Brewery, located in Toronto, Ontario, sets itself apart by offering nuanced Czech lagers, delicate English ales, and Japanese-influenced session beers. Founded by a Dieu du Ciel alumni brewer, Godspeed brings a unique brewing philosophy and sophisticated brewpub experience to the city.

Exploring Underrepresented Styles

Godspeed is not afraid to explore and highlight underrepresented or underappreciated beer styles. Their use of lightly smoked beers, various lager styles, and fragrant citrus fruits showcases their ability to create new and exciting flavors.

Subtle and Minimalist Approach

In a craft beer market often dominated by bold and over-the-top flavors, Godspeed offers a polished and minimalist product that stands out for its subtlety and refinement.

Brasserie Dunham

8. Brasserie Dunham

Nestled in Quebec's Eastern Townships, Brasserie Dunham is a powerhouse brewery specializing in funky Saisons and pungent IPAs. Drawing from Belgian influences and a passion for hops, Dunham creates a versatile lineup that embraces Quebec's joie de vivre.

Rustic Farmhouse Ales

Dunham's rustic and refreshing farmhouse ales are inspired by traditional Belgian brewing techniques. Their artfully hopped Belgian styles blend old-world traditions with new-world flavors, while their IPAs offer a juicy and resinous taste with an old-school backbone.

Innovative and Fun Brewery

Brasserie Dunham is an innovative and fun brewery, committed to brewing with a naturalistic approach that showcases the best of Quebec's agricultural region.

9. Trans Canada Brewing Company

Located in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Trans Canada Brewing Company offers a range of nostalgic and very Canadian beers while introducing cutting-edge, contemporary flavors and styles.

Core Range and Experimental Beers

Trans Canada Brewing has a core range of crowd-pleasers, like their delicious Portager Bohemian Pilsner and Citra-hopped Avenger Pale Ale. The brewery also believes in experimentation, as seen in their complex wood-aged sour ales and Foeder Brett Pale Ale.

Celebrating Canadian Brewing

Trans Canada Brewing Company is a celebration of Canadian brewing, offering a diverse range of beers that cater to both traditionalists and adventurous drinkers alike.

10. Microbrasserie Les Trois Mousquetaires (LTM)

Les Trois Mousquetaires, located in Brossard, Quebec, is a powerhouse in the Canadian beer scene, offering modern takes on traditional styles. With an impressive lineup of lagers, IPAs, sours, and stouts, LTM excels in every aspect of brewing.

Wood Aging Program

LTM's mature and calculated wood aging program consistently delivers complex flavors using bourbon, port, brandy, and wine barrels. Their Porter Baltique, aged in both bourbon and brandy barrels, is one of the most underrated barrel-aged beers in North America.

Versatility and Quality

Microbrasserie Les Trois Mousquetaires is a testament to the versatility and quality of Canadian breweries, offering a diverse range of exceptional beers that cater to a wide variety of tastes.

In conclusion, Canada's craft beer scene is rich and diverse, with a wide range of talented brewers and innovative breweries. These top 10 Canadian breweries showcase the best of what the country has to offer, and are well worth a visit for any craft beer enthusiast.